Guest Information

House Rules Amendments
Men's shirts must be tucked into their trousers regardless of whether a gentleman's shirt is designed to be worn in or outside their trousers on Club property.

Dress Code
Members, their children and guests should always dress according to the dictates of good taste and in keeping with the character of our fine Club. Whether in the Clubhouse or on the golf course, one’s attire must reflect a high degree of respect for our fellow members and our guests. Members are responsible, not only for themselves, but for the dress of their children and their guests as well.   Although our Club caters to varying degrees of formality, it is possible to dress so that no one is offended. No one is permitted access to the golf course or to our dining facilities unless in full conformance with the Dress Code. 

Our staff has been instructed to inform anyone who is improperly attired. If informed by the staff that one’s dress is improper, the staff member is not to be questioned. Denim / Jeans are permitted in certain areas of the Clubhouse and Golf Shop only. Frayed, ripped, faded, excessively loose, or soiled denim is not permitted. Men’s headwear should be removed within the confines of the Clubhouse which excludes the Golf Shop. Men’s short sleeved button down square cut bottom (cut and sown) shirts to be worn as designed which is outside of trouser or shorts and not tucked in (“Tommy Bahama” style) are permitted in the clubhouse. Shirt tails as designed must remain tucked in. Questions may be directed in writing to the House Committee. The Infractions Committee will adjudicate Dress Code disputes. Although common sense will usually dictate what the appropriate attire is, the following are offered as
  • Formal Dining Room: After 5:00 p.m. men are to wear coats and ties for dinner (ascots and turtlenecks are acceptable). Dresses, suits, skirts, and blouses, or pant-type suits are acceptable attire for women
  • Golf Course: Men must wear full-length trousers or conservatively tailored shorts no higher than 3” above the top of the knee; shirts must be tucked in and have sleeves and a collar (except for the approved short sleeve mock turtleneck designed for golf). Women may wear slacks, shorts or skirts; shorts andskirts must be no higher than 4” above the top of the knee. Shirts may be sleeveless or collarless as long as they are designed for golf wear. Denim and cargo shorts are prohibited. Spikes: Tavistock Country Club is a soft spike only facility.
  • Locker Room Facilities: Please use good judgement with appropriate casual attire (denim / jeans permitted) in consideration of your fellow members. Also, for aesthetic and sanitary reasons, please confine bare feet to the shower area.
  • Not permitted at any time in the above areas are, cargo shorts, tank tops, tee shirts, cut-offs, swimwear, or any shirts with printed phrases or slogans. 

Electronic Mobile Device Policy
As members of Tavistock Country Club we are encouraged to always be considerate of our fellow members, their families and guests when on Club Property. For everyone’s consideration the following policy permits the use of today’s portable communication devices including cellular/smart phones, laptops, IPods, and game gear without interfering in members and their guest’s enjoyment and leisure time at Tavistock Country Club. The Policy includes all Club Property including the Clubs Buildings, Patio Areas and the Golf Course.


Cell /Smart Phone: Portable phones should always be in the Off or on Vibrate mode when you are on Club property. When a call is received or a call must be made one should immediately go to a private area where other members/guests will not hear your conversation. Outdoors, and away from other members/guests or the locker areas are recommended locations. If you receive a call while on the golf course or practice areas please leave the area of play, conclude the call quickly and Never Hold up the Pace of Play.

Smart Phone Applications: Sending, receiving text messages, e-mails and other electronic messages is encouraged as long as your device is silent and does not interfere with other members/guests enjoyment and the pace of play.

Laptops: Use of Laptops, sending e-mails and other electronic messages is encouraged as long as your device is silent and does not interfere with other members/guests enjoyment. Members, their families and guests should exercise sensible judgment when using their laptop computers. Any conduct that is impermissible by law is impermissible on Tavistock Club Property and while using the Clubs wifi service. The entire clubhouse is 100% wifi. The membership may access this service free of charge. The Password is tccaccesstcc!


IPods & Game Gear: Use of IPods and Hand Held Game Gear is encouraged in the Mixed Lounge or Outdoor Patio areas only as long as your device is silent and does not interfere with other members/guests enjoyment. Members, their families and guests should exercise sensible judgment on all electronic content.

Suggested Gratuity
For your convenience a schedule of available member services, along with the recommended gratuity to coincide with the service has been established by the House Committee.  This guideline for use throughout the clubhouse and on the golf course will be posted for the convenience of both members and guests.  Member services at Tavistock Country Club are not automatically charged to a member’s account. Please use the following information as your minimum gratuity tipping guide at the club:
Locker Room Services: Ladies and Gentlemen
Shoe shine—minimum tip $3.00 per pair
Replacement laces—$3.00 minimum tip
Soft Spike replacements—$10.00 per pair
Valet parking:
Per Car—$2.00 minimum
Golf Shop:
Caddymaster—$3.00 per player
Caddy—$40 per bag (plus tip: suggested $10.00 per bag)
Bagboy—$1.00 per player
Forecaddie—$20.00 per golfer
Dining Room Bartender and Service Staff:
Suggested gratuity 20%
·         You may leave the gratuity by noting a percentage on the chit—20%
·         You may notate a dollar amount on the chit—e.g. $5.00 or $10 .00
·         You may leave a cash tip and write “ cash tip” on your chit
House Staff:

For assisting with loading and unloading vehicles—$5.00