Practice Area Etiquette
The practice range is an integral part of any premier country club experience.  Many times this is one of the first areas visited by members and guests upon their arrival.  It’s where the game is learned, and where a champion’s skills are honed.  However, our practice area at Tavistock has limited space, so it is very important to take care of both those who are practicing, and the facility itself.
The lower putting  green is where one must really be concious of where other members and guests are practicing.  If there happens to be someone putting on the green, hitting bunker shots in their direction can be dangerous.  In this scenario, golfers should practice hitting bunker shots toward the fairway area (North of the bunker) using the bag shag as a target.
The practice greens themselves can be injured too!  Any shot hit to the green can leave a ball mark that, if left unrepaired, will cause the turf to die.  The greens staff has provided a couple of excellent, easy to use, divot repair tools at each of the lower greens.  These are the steel rods you may have seen lying beside the green.  All one has to do is hang onto the handle, place the opposite end of the tool onto the ball mark, and push down.  Voila!  All fixed!
The teeing ground, along with the short game area fairway, must also be cared for and conserved.  Taking the time to hit balls from directly behind your previous divot saves precious space for other members and guests.  This divot pattern is also easier to fill with sand, promotes quicker turf growth, and saves wear and tear on mowers.
Lastly, each day several bag shags full of Titleist golf balls are placed at different locations of the short game area.  These are provided for our members and guests to use at their pleasure.  However, keep in mind that it is a courtesy to pick up all of the balls you’ve hit and returning it to its station once you’ve finished your practice session.
Using these helpful tips, we not only ensure each other’s safety, but we’ll have a more consistently pristine practice area on which to sharpen our games. We encourage everyone to get out there and practice!
Practice Area Hours (includes driving range and short game area)
Mondays - Practice Area opens at 11am.  Balls are not provided.
Tues-Sun - Range opens ½ hour before first tee time and will close ½ hour before dark.