Guest Guidelines



Important Phone Numbers 
Clubhouse –  856-429-1866
Golf Shop –  856-429-1827

Cart  Rules

  • All occupants or riders must check in with the Golf Shop before taking a cart.

  • The Golf Course Superintendent or his designee shall determine whether or not the condition of the course will permit the use of golf carts.

  • Carts shall be operated only by persons possessing a driver’s license.

  • Use cart paths at all times, where provided.

  • Extreme caution should be used when operating carts. 


  • During the active golf season, members may walk and carry their own bag at anytime on weekdays and after 11am on weekends and holidays.  Guests are not permitted to walk and carry.  Guests must either use a cart or take a caddie.

Golf Etiquette & Pace of Play

  • All members of the playing group must be on the first tee ready to play 5 minutes prior to their scheduled tee time.

  • Each player must have their own set of clubs.

  • Playing groups shall never exceed four players at any time unless permission is given by the Golf Professional Staff.

  • No one may tee off on the 10th tee or any other hole without permission from the Golf Professional Staff.

  • Practicing is not permitted on the course.  Please use designated practice areas.

  • Please minimize time for refreshments at the Half-Way House.

  • Twosomes and threesomes must hold their position on the golf course unless given permission by the group in front.  Twosomes and threesomes do not have the right to play through the field.

  • Tavistock’s pace of play for 18 holes is published at 4 hours.  If a group falls behind one or more holes during play it should allow players following to play through.  Repeat offenders of slow play are subject to disciplinary action by the Golf Committee.

  • Cheating is prohibited during any stipulated round of golf.  Repeat offenders are subject to disciplinary action by the Golf Committee.

  • Divots made or observed by a player on the greens, fairways or tee boxes must be carefully replaced or filled by the divot mix provided.

  • Ball marks made on the putting surface should be carefully and correctly repaired.  Please repair your own as well as two to three others noticed in passing.

  • After playing out of any sand trap the player or caddie must carefully fill and smooth over any and all marks using the rake provided.  Please leave all rakes outside of the sand traps.  

  • Golfers that encounter maintenance crews working or mowing on the course must attract their attention before hitting.  The golf course staff has been instructed to stop whatever they are doing and move out of the way.

Dress Code

  • Men must wear full-length trousers or conservatively tailored shorts no more than 3” above or below the knee; shirts must be tucked in and have sleeves and a collar (except for the approved short sleeve mock turtleneck designed for golf).

  • Women may wear slacks, shorts or skirts; shorts and skirts must be no higher than 4” above the top of the knee.  Shirts may be sleeveless or collarless as long as they are designed for golf.

  • Denim bottoms or cargo bottoms allowed are not allowed on the practice facilities or on the golf course at any time by any gender

Saftey Procedures

  • Medical – While on the golf course, you may use your cell phone in a medical emergency (only time cell phones are permitted for use during play).  Please call 911, the Golf Shop 856-429-1827 or the Office 856-429-1866 for assistance.

  • Inclement Weather – Tavistock is equipped with the ThorGuard integrated lightning prediction and warning systems.  When one (1) long blast of the siren is sounded, stop play immediately and return to the Golf Shop.   The Professional Staff will inform you when play can be resumed. 

Practice Facilities

  • Hours of Operation – Outdoor practice facilities opens the same time as the Golf Shop.  On Wednesdays and Sundays the range will close 45 minutes prior to dark.  It will stay open until dark all other days of the week.  The indoor practice facility is open 24 hours/day.  Please contact the Golf Shop for entrance code.

  • Tavistock’s range is 165 total yards.  Please do not hit past the last red flag at any time unless authorized.  Golf holes come into play just beyond the range limits.  Harm can be done to other players on the golf course if you do comply with this rule. 

  • You are not permitted to take range balls from the practice facilities. 

  • Yellow balls are provided for the full range.  White balls only shall be used for the short game areas.

  • Do not hit from one practice area to another.  Example:  Hitting balls from the full range teeing ground onto the short game area.

  • Golf carts are prohibited throughout all designated practice areas.